Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've been thinkin'

I have a couple of questions for you-all.
What do you have Bookmarked? I have all the local news/weather tv stations web casts. I also have lots of news info-CNN, The New Yorker, the photo of the day from National Geographic, and the Bengals home page. I am a news junkie.
What was your favorite gift to receive? I know we are not usually a materialistic bunch- but my fave gift (and fave appliance) is an electric Ice Crusher my husband gave me for my birthday. It was replacing a hand crank model my daughter had given me. My daughter also hit 2 more home runs- she made me a quilt with pictures of all the family, and she organized the rest of the crew and gave me a Mother's ring.

Saturday nights

Saturday nights are always decompression nights for me. I work (sometimes a lot-sometimes too much), and I miss Saturday -days quite a bit. The older I get and the more I regret things not done, the more I look forward to Sundays. Many of my friends don't understand how 3 hours of church can be uplifting and exciting. A long time ago I was told that Sunday would "fill my spiritual bucket" for the next week. I didn't get it. I went home with 2 crabby little kids, tired and spiritually lost. I knew that you get out of church what you put into it. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready or able or interested in working that hard. Sometime-I don't know when or how, everything changed. Now, I like to go and see the people I care about. I like to hear the messages, and lessons prepared just for me. I still take crabby kids home, but I'm not discouraged, I'm filled.
I live my life by faith. I am not a scriptorian, and shake at any heavy discussion about the gospel. There is one purpose to my faith, one light that keeps me going, and supports every other element to the church for me. This is; God the Father, and Jesus Christ, love ME. They know ME as an individual, as a mother, daughter, sister, working mom. Because of that, I know that my prayers have meaning, and my family has unlimited potential. I am never alone.
I sometimes wonder how I'm doing as a mom of the gospel. And then I get discouraged, because I know my family isn't doing all it should to uplift ourselves spiritually. That's when I am amazed because one of my children steps forward and does a good deed (unsolicited), or makes a wise choice when the easy choice was at their fingertips. I shouldn't get so discouraged, but I do, and then I'm grateful and tearful that I have wonderful sisters in the gospel who care for me and my family.
Here are a couple more personal tidbits about me. I love any mystery novel, or movie (and add George Clooney and it's a winner). I'm addicted to Reality TV -esp Amazing Race. I love any mint chocolate anything- ice cream/candy/cookies-. When I have time, I love to watercolor and I've just recently started painting House Portraits by commission.
Live/Life- Love/Life

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Day

OK- it's like I don't need another thing to obsess over- but here it is.
It's even amazing that I think anyone would be even remotely interested in who I am or what I have to say. But- that's another matter.
About me- what should I say? Here is a little history (until one of the multitudes inerrupts me). Let's see, I was born and raised in a small town in northern Ohio. My mom still lives in the same house I grew up in, infact- most of the neighbors are still living there, or their children are now living on that same street.
I left the small town and went to an equally small college. (It was in the news last spring, a bus of baseball players went off an overpass in Florida). Anyway, I majored in Art because I knew it was something I could probably do fairly well. I wasn't so sure about anything else.
A year or 2 out of college I met my first husband and had 4 mostly adorable children (3 are pictured). He still lives in the same house we live in - but now with his 3rd wife (what is it about people not moving away?) He had a son by his first marriage (hense the 4 or 5 children). We were married 16 years. I am currently married to the Love of My Life (I know-mushy-gushy), who also has a son (and here comes the 4 or 5 or 6 children of mine).
Is that enough for now? I certainly think so-besides---at least 2 of the children are fighting their way through the tv channels (not really).
Do you sign off on these things?
Live Life/Love Life-Lou

lou on blog

Well, I've been inspired by Patty to express myself on line. This may be sort lived-but venting has always been a favorite sport of mine anyway. Let's give it a go-shall we?