Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday update - - -

This is one of those drive-by updates. There is tonz going on- I just don't have time to write (because there is tonz going on!).

My job is terrific- I love it. Busy busy busy. There is always something (if not 5 things) to do all the time. I'm getting better at multi-tasking frame orders, and understanding the 'priority' list my boss has. It is really fun, and interesting (specially since I like sports, and kinda follow the Reds [local pro baseball team for those who don't know]). It won't be long before Pete (Rose) and Johnny (Bench) drop by. My boss is close/best friends with them both. [baseball players- you know- retired, from the Reds]. Again, the framing is interesting but the girls I work with are terrific, and the environment is super.

The kids are all doing well. Bari Ray has the Cappies tonight. It is a local high school awards program for the theater performances this year. They were nominated for Cats. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see it. We tried to get last minute tickets, but it was sold out. My biggest challenge right now, it that Bari Ray doesn't tell us where he is going, or if he will be home. Most of the time, if we don't know, his mother does- but it is frustrating. He will be 17 on Monday- hmmmm.

Sammy and Madeline are just looking forward to the end of school. They have some fun days coming up. Field day, bowling, and skating. How great is that? We only had a field day- ha, back in the day!

So, this weekend is FULL- a wedding today, church-then BBQ at Bari's mom's tomorrow, and painting the living room Monday. (I don't have to work Monday- AND I'm getting PAID!- just like normal people!). Hey- does anyone have painting drop cloths I could borrow? I can't find mine. I just can't wait to paint the living room!!!!

And (if it could get any better!!!) next weekend is our 5th anniversary. We are going to Murphin Ridge Inn for the weekend. I am soooo excited. We have a cabin booked. The web site shows a great restaurant, and local Amish shops all around. OR we could just sit back on our front porch and chill! Wahoo! - - - -SO, Katy is mad. Yep. Silver lining in every cloud. She and Josh (and baby) are going to my Mom's that same weekend. My big sis from Cali is coming in for Mom's 84th Birthday. Katy thinks I should be there the same time they are, so I can see Grandma (actually- Great Grandma) with her Great Grandson for the first time. Well - see- I'll be there on Monday and Tuesday (AFTER my weekend with my husband). I am taking my sis to the Cinci airport on Tuesday. So it only makes sense to go Mon and Tues, not Sat through Tues. Besides, I'll have Sam and Madeline with me, and that is a long-time for them to visit (and a long time for mom- it would wear her out). BUT- I am excited to see my sis- and my mom. AND I don't feel at all guilty for not being at work because I have a great UNDERSTANDING boss- . Could life get better?

On the side, a little update about Joey. He as voluntarily gone back to jail. We had a long talk, and he said that another year of probation and reporting and all the mess would drive him insane. He already has panic attacks. (Yes, really). So, he went back to court expecting 4 months (the rest of his sentence) but the judge only gave him only 60 days. So, he still has challenges with going back, but I told him to think of it as a job- he has to be away from his family right now, it is his job, but it is temporary, and things will be much better when he gets out. I think he will get better when he is out, because this time he went into jail from HOME- he knows what goes on here, he knows he has stability, peace, a family. All the other times, he went from a 'friends' house, and back again. What is the progress there? I know there will still be hills to climb, but I can't help be a bit optimistic.

Ok- I have laundry, wedding equipment to pack and something else to do before I leave to the wedding this afternoon---- so I better go.

Have a great WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!