Tuesday, November 27, 2007

random thoughts and news

I have a few disjointed thoughts and some pretty big news-

First thought- congrats to Dory on her calling. I am looking forward to fabulous lessons. This ward has had female teachers for Gospel Doctrine since we've been here. I find that interesting. The last 3 wards I've attended have all had men, except one. Hmmmm-

Second thought-congrats to the DeGraw family. I was sure we'd be called to go to Harrison. It would be a terrific experience I'm sure, but the financial challenge would overwhelm us. So--congrats to you!!!!

Third thought-it's a lot easier to write this without any children talking at the same time.

Fourth thought-thanks sylli for the book. I'm really enjoying it- I guess I AM a real Mormon Woman afterall. (Take that-Ray).

Fifth thought- update on Sammy. The Dr agrees with the assessment from the school. We will be going to Children's in the spring (June) for testing for Autism.

No more thoughts-on to the big news -Yes, Katy is engaged (again). Most of you met the tall cutie with her on Sunday. I think he is planning on coming to church with her (us) from now on. They are planning a late May wedding. She is very happy. Josh is very good to her (and for her).
They make a nice match.

I think that's all. The biggest challenge in our house right now has to do with which Christmas tree we will be putting up this year. Bari loves his- it's big and bushy and (I think) hard to put decorations on. My tree is thin and sparce (it's supposed to be)- and has lots of room for decorations. Actually, I'm ok with no tree at all. I am all about just decorating the house. It's going to be a lean year at the Cruzes anyway, so maybe the kids won't notice so much without a tree.