Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not every day is this busy- - - what was I thinking?

Keep in mind that my day isn't over yet.

6:30am- wake up, start making Madeline's lunch
wake up Madeline
wake up Sammy
find clothes for Sammy, and encourage him to put them on
clothe myself

7:10am- Bari comes in from taking Bari Ray to seminary

7:13am- I leave for Children's Hosp.
7:45am- appt with the psychology dept for Sam

9:10am- pick up Sam and drop him off at school (only a little late)
9:40am- get to work
- fix paperwork for my boss
- cut 2 Double multi-opening mats on the Wizard

3pm- Leave work
3:30pm- get home
- pick up living room- wait for plumber
- start supper

4pm- Sam is home from school
- wait for plumber

- - - - -it is now 4:10- the plumber is late - - - -so should go the rest of my day - - -

4:20 -- Leave to pick up Madeline from Art Club at school
4:45pm- back home-
- finish making dinner
- help with homework ( if Sammy doesn't finish his workbook packet, he won't be allowed to go to Webelows tomorrow)

5:45pm- leave to go to Sammy's school

6pm - Conference with Sam's teachers (all of them)

6:20pm - back home
6:30 - leave for church

7pm - Meet with Bari at church for our Dave Ramsey class tonight

9pm- leave class

9:20- get home and (hopefully) find all the kids in bed already. (Most of the time they are)

10Pm - CRASH!!!!!!!

Where is the plumber?????????????????