Thursday, August 14, 2008

More news- - - - - -

What a week (or 2), it has been busy with dance and school prep and church, and wedding meetings (last night we booked one for next March), and Katy is expecting. WHAT? WHAT?
NOOOOOO-----they promised they'd wait a while. NOOOOOOO- - - -that means I'm going to be a (shhhhhhhh-- - -say it v-e-r-y quietly. Grandma. NOOOOOOOOO- - - - - I don't want to be a GRANDMA! Hmmmmmm- well, that isn't exactly true. I don't mind being a grandparent, I just don't want to be CALLED Grandma. So, I need to start a list of COOL g'ma names. Any suggestions? We have until March 3 (give or take) to come up with an alternative. (And for me to get used to the idea).

And that blew the heck out of Madeline's great news- she's going to be on Toe Shoes this year "on Point" as they say. Soooooo how much busier can I be? OH, AND Katy closed on their house on Monday. Yes, we can say, busy busy busy.