Sunday, September 2, 2012

Today is a new day..

  Originally I wanted to write every day this week. Just to record my thoughts and feelings and also to record what exactly went on each day. I'm afraid I will soon forget some of the details. Honestly, I don't know if I need to remember all of the details. Does it matter in the long run? Will it make a difference in how I remember this past week? Probably not. I will remember confusion and pain. I will remember love and comfort. I will remember sadness and laughter.

  Day 2...We - Bari, Madeline, her boyfriend Aaron, and I photographed 14-16 FFA soccer teams in the morning. In the afternoon (with the exception of Aaron) we photographed 4 football teams. I got terribly sunburned, but made it through the day. When we pulled up in front of the the house after football, Madeline and I just sat and looked at each other. Neither of us moved. (Bari was in a separate car).  Finally I said, 'I don't want to get out of the car. I will have to face the real world when I do.' Madeline agreed. We had both been able to avoid the crushing emotion of losing Joey, by working for 12 hours that day.

  Day 3..was Monday. By the afternoon, Katy and Josh, Dane and Yuka, Madeline and Sam and Bari and I were sitting in my living room with Angela, Joey's girlfriend and her mother Debbie. We had invited Angela to be part of making arrangements for Joey.
  Originally, I had planned that we would cremate Joey, have a simple Memorial Service and then bury him later. By talking to the kids, I found out that they were divided in this choice. Half agreed, but the other half needed a funeral with viewing to help them say good-bye. It was a really difficult time, but we were able to make some compromise with the final plan. Joey would have a Viewing and Visitation, but it would be held in the RS room at the church, that way, if the other family members didn't want to participate in that, they could stay in the foyer or the Chapel to greet friends.
  I was not going to change my mind about having the service and viewing at the church. To me it was respectful and appropriate. For a while, we had a little conflict getting to use the RS room because of a scheduled baptism that morning. In the end, the family from the Hamilton Ward moved their whole service to another chapel. This turned out better that we had expected, because there was such a large turn out that there was no parking left in the parking lot.
  By the late afternoon, Katy and Josh, Dane and Yuka and I, went downtown to the funeral home and spoke with the directors there. They were kind and helpful. They answered all of the questions we had. Morticians are a strange breed...but honestly, wouldn't you be??
Day 4 (Tuesday), 5 (Wednesday), and 6 (Thursday)...I worked. Yes, I left home and went to work every day, and a half day on Thursday. When I got home in the evening, I worked some more. Despite the tragedy in my own life, I had Memory Mate envelopes to count, and teams to organize. It was just a reason to escape the reality of it all. I know this. I couldn't stop myself.

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Mama D said...

Sometimes we need to find a sense of normalcy to help us deal with chaos and tragedy and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Everyone has their own way of dealing with pain - some would avoid going to work; others go to work to keep themselves busy.

I miss being there more this week than I have in a long time. I've adjusted, though Fairfield will always be home. But I miss YOU, and wish I could be there. Love you, my friend.